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4 Determinants Of The Price Of Face Recognition LCD Advertising Machines

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Author : LCD Advertising supplier
Update time : 2019-08-16 15:02:52
With the mature development and application of face recognition LCD advertising machines technology, face recognition advertising screen can be often seen in real life. At the same time that face recognition technology is very popular, many people also have questions: can biased face recognition still recognize it? Plastic surgery, makeup removal, wearing glasses and other factors, so, what are the influencing factors of face recognition? 

1. LCD advertising machines algorithm for face recognition. 

It is a biometric recognition technology based on human facial feature information, and the face recognition algorithm needs to complete the extraction of facial features in the process of recognition and compare with the known faces in stock to complete the final classification. That is, the face recognition algorithm runs through the beginning and end of the whole face recognition process, so the technical level of the algorithm itself has become the core factor of face recognition. 

2. LCD advertising machines price. 

The large screen of the network LCD advertising machines is much more expensive than the small screen. There is a price gap of several hundred yuan between the new LCD screen and the second-hand screen. This is something we do not see when we buy a product. We must use the product for a period of time before we can understand it. 

3. The difference of LCD advertising machines system software. 

The reason why face recognition LCD advertising machines is expensive is mainly due to the software of face recognition. Among them, the difference of the system determines the use function of face recognition advertising machine. Android, X86 and other system software are different. 

4. LCD advertising machines application function. 

The general network LCD advertising machines function is single, only to meet the screening needs of products is much cheaper, with the diversification of demand, the same, in the network advertising machine function requirements have become diversified. There are not only network advertising machines suitable for banks, but also network advertising machines suitable for shopping malls and government office buildings. 

Outside the shape of the structure, "internal work" is the key! In recent years, face recognition, multi-touch screen, 3D naked eye, virtual dressing and other technologies make us refreshing from time to time. Of course, this is based on the price of online advertising machines. 

Human factors are also important factors that affect the accuracy of face recognition technology. Human factors are more complex, cumbersome and more challenging to deal with. On the whole, the human factors mainly include: background and hair, the cooperation of the target personnel, the change of the position and intensity of the light source, the change of age, and the influence of attachment (glasses, beard).