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Four Suggestions For Storing LCD Displays

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Author : China LCD displays supplier
Update time : 2020-03-24 16:31:21
What do you need to pay attention to in the use and storage of lcd displays? The following four suggestions may be adopted:

1. Avoid vibration.

Lcd display screen is glass products that are very fragile and should avoid strong shock and vibration. Do not exert pressure on the LCD screen or collide or squeeze on the back cover of the LCD display screen.

2. Prevent voltage fluctuation.

Voltage fluctuation will cause lcd displays content flicker, resulting in visual discomfort. Some voltage fluctuations are within the normal voltage range. However, due to the rapid change of frequency, it may also interfere with the normal operation of electronic components or ic on the equipment, and in serious cases, it will cause them to burn out directly.

3. Anti-electromagnetic interference.

The lcd display equipment should work away from the environment with strong magnetic field, and the strong magnetic field around it will generate additional voltage inside the LCD, thus affecting the stability of the LCD voltage. Being in a strong magnetic field environment for a long time will also make the display screen produce wrong characters or random spots, thus affecting the display effect and life of LCD.

4. Pay attention to dampness.

Water is the natural enemy of liquid crystal, if the humidity is too high, the inside of, lcd displays will dew, it will cause leakage and short circuit, and the LCD screen will become blurred. Therefore, the LCD screen should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, and should be often electrified, so that the heat energy in the operation of the motor evaporates the moisture of the equipment.

After sharing the above 4 points, I hope it can help those who do not understand the maintenance of lcd displays caused unnecessary damage, reduce the damage caused by human causes, so as to reduce waste.
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