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Application of Touch LCD Screen in Smart Home

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Update time : 2019-04-27 11:33:58
Smart home not only has the traditional residential function, but also has the functions of building, network communication, information appliances, equipment automation, providing all-round information interaction, and even saving money for various energy costs. With the continuous development of science, people's requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher. Smart home touch LCD screen has gradually entered into people's life and home, and the world has entered the trend of intelligent development. This upsurge has led to the development of related industries: such as smart home touch LCD screen factory.

Intelligent home is based on user's residence. It uses all kinds of communication and touch lcd screen technology to realize display and control. It makes up various household appliances, security and other facilities into a residential management system to create a safe, convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly living environment. Integration scheme of display and touch in smart home supports multi-touch and optimizes touch experience. The display effect is exquisite, clear, vivid and gorgeous, and it also has the stability and reliability of industrial level.

Smart home touch LCD screen is widely used in villas, residential hotels, business centers, office buildings and so on. Its function is as follows: the scenario control opinion operation can achieve the preset mode to integrate all the equipment in the home, including film and television, household appliances, curtains, lighting, garage, etc. to achieve intelligent control opinion completion. Generally installed in touch screen installation and living room entrance position, or bedside position.

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