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Attention To Pay In Purchasing Industrial LCDs

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Author : Industrial LCDs supplier
Update time : 2019-09-17 17:18:41
Industrial LCDs have been liked by many users because of its long publishing time, strong vision, large information capacity, high coverage, communication effect and so on, so many people want to buy an industrial LCD advertising screen to use. There are many kinds of products of industrial LCD advertising screen, many people do not have a deep understanding of LCD advertising screen may be easy to choose the wrong type, so how to choose industrial LCD screen?

In terms of Industrial LCD hardware products, users first need to consider the application environment of the LCD and how long the audience stays in the LCD system, whether it is installed indoors or outdoors, the height of the installation, the size and shape of the installation. Whether the environment can play sound, whether the application site can be used online, and so on. Users in the selection of the most important is the need to pay attention to size, need to carefully consider their own application of the place, please do not blindly pursue the large screen, so as not to waste unnecessary resources. Generally speaking, the running time of LCD player is very long, and its stability is also directly related to the effect of playback. Therefore, when users choose and buy products, stability is the primary consideration.

Be sure to watch carefully for bright and dark spots on the screen before buying Industrial LCDs. It is relatively possible to find bright spots in black screens and dark spots in white screens. Although many products say that their products are "harmless," the evaluation criteria of each manufacturer are different. How long does it take for a product to have a bad spot before it is considered a defect? Or are a few points even bad? These assessment criteria need to be made clear so that their rights and interests will not be compromised. In general, high-quality LCD screens have strict control over the number of bad points, and it is best to reach an agreement with the merchant on the bad points and write them into the contract before paying.

Generally speaking, in the society of commodities, prices are often the most concerned by consumers, especially in commodity markets of the same quality, and prices are the only weapon for all kinds of brands to compete with each other. Therefore, when consumers choose to buy goods, they pay special attention to the price of the product. The big screen is naturally more expensive than the smaller screen, but there is a price difference of several hundred yuan between the new Industrial LCDs and the second-hand LCD screen. This is invisible when buying the product, and you need to know after the product has been in use for a period of time. In the material, the screen brightness of the LED is much higher than the LCD, the display effect is also better, of course, the price will be a little more expensive.
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