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Common Signal Knowledge of LCD Display Screen

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Update time : 2019-03-04 14:59:18
Following is the common signal knowledge of LCD display screen, which is sorted out from the after-sales department to share with you. I hope it will be helpful!

CLK clock signal: Shift pulses provided to shift registers, each of which will cause data to move in or out of one bit. The data on the data port must coordinate with the clock signal in order to transmit data normally. The frequency of the data signal must be 1/2 of that of the clock signal. In any case, when the clock signal is abnormal, it will make the whole LCD display disorderly.

STB latch signal: The data in the shift register is sent to the latch, and its data content is illuminated by the driving circuit to display the LCD. But because the driving circuit is controlled by EN enabling signal, the premise of lighting must be enabling state. The latch signal also needs to be coordinated with the clock signal in order to display a complete image. In any case, when the latch signal is abnormal, the whole LCD display panel will display disorderly.

EN Enabling Signal: Integral screen brightness control signal, also used for screen blanking. The brightness can be controlled by adjusting its duty cycle. When the enabling signal is abnormal, the whole screen will appear not bright, dark or tail phenomenon.

Data signal: Provide the data needed to display the image. The data must be coordinated with the clock signal in order to be transmitted to any display point. Generally, the red, green and blue data signals are separated in LCD display. If a data signal is short-circuited to the positive or negative poles, the corresponding color will appear bright or not. When the data signal is suspended, the corresponding color display situation is uncertain.

ABCD Line Signal: It only exists when dynamic scanning is displayed. ABCD is actually a binary number. A is the lowest bit. If the maximum control range of ABCD signal is 16 lines (1111) in binary representation, only AB signal can be used in 1/4 scan, because the representation range of AB signal is 4 lines (11). When the line control signal is abnormal, the LCD display screen will display dislocation, highlight or image overlap.