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Comparison And Selection of TFT and IPS Display Screen

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Author : IPS Display Screen supplier
Update time : 2019-10-31 13:02:16
TFT is a kind of thin film transistor, which is widely used in liquid crystal display screen of many electronic products, and it is also a kind of "active panel". This product is more and more widely used in our lives, and it is equipped with a semiconductor switch device on every pixel it images, so it can control every pixel directly through a point pulse, but on the display screen, Each node is relatively independent, but it can still be controlled continuously.

IPS display screen is a further product based on TFT display screen, which is very special because its poles are on the same surface, different from the electrodes of other liquid crystal modes, and they are arranged in three dimensions on both sides. The nature of the problem of this product is better than that of soft screen, and it will not affect the distortion of the picture.

In general, if you pursue electronic screens of high quality, low energy consumption, the use of, TFT display screen is just enough to meet this requirement. If you want the display screen to perform better in moving pictures and achieve better contrast, choosing IPS display screen has an advantage.

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