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Development trend of digital signage

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Update time : 2018-09-13 16:52:06
With the development of the Internet era, the digital signage display is bringing higher participation for commercial advertising, transportation, public entertainment, education, health care and other industries. This is due to the improvement of display technology and the reduction of hardware costs, indicating that the industry is experiencing rapid growth. It has promoted the increase of Internet penetration and the acceleration of urbanization.


1. interactive multi touch

Interactive multi-touch display is an important development direction of digital tag display. Interactive multi-touch display allows multiple users to interact with the video wall at the same time without interacting with each other. It can provide multiple users with a physical environment in which digital tags interact with content alone or together.

Such applications are common in business presentations and educational environments, such as classrooms and museums. Interactive touch screens are often used to enhance user participation.

2. durable digital display

One notable trend is the increase in durable digital displays, which are created to withstand environmental factors (outdoors) or have powerful impact screens, and are used as outdoor displays for airports, buses and train terminals.

Examples include information display screens and advertising screens, but in general, these displays are designed to be more robust. The design trend is that these durable digital displays use highlighting technology to make them available in bright environments.

3. creative installation

Today, some monitors have been installed outside ceilings, floors, suspensions and windows, suggesting that ubiquity is an industry trend in the search for creative ways to install digital tag displays.

Drivers of this trend include technological advances that increase the mobility and convenience of displays, and creative thinking about the location of displays. Display manufacturers have also introduced curved-surface displays that can be formed around arrays, or in vertical or horizontal strip shapes.

4. wall display

Large-scale seamless video walls have become a trend, and LCD is one of the main reasons to promote this technology and promote this trend. Overall, larger screen sizes make it possible for more dazzling display effects, and the development of digital sign displays has promoted social progress.
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