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Fault Diagnosis Process of LCD Panel Screens

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Update time : 2019-12-23 10:44:00
LCD panel screens have been widely used, such as vehicle, charging pile, medical, industrial control and other general standard applications, but many customers will inevitably encounter some problems when using LCD panel screens.

LCD panel screens consist of four parts: computer control part, display driver matrix, LCD display array and power supply.

There are many problems in LCD panel screens, such as interface problems, power supply problems, drive problems, display problems and so on. How to diagnose and solve these problems of LCD displays? The steps are as follows:

1. Judge whether your LCD panel screens are synchronous or asynchronous, synchronous display depends on the settings of the monitor, asynchronous display does not depend on the settings of the monitor;

2. It is problematic to determine whether your LCD panel screen is partial or full-screen.

Local display exceptions can eliminate communication problems. It is usually possible to determine that the hardware of the display is faulty. You should contact us immediately in case the fault expands.

There are many reasons for the abnormal display of the whole screen.

For synchronous LCD panel screens, you need to confirm whether the display settings have changed, whether the communication is normal, whether the transmission is normal, and then confirm whether the reception is normal.

For the asynchronous LCD panel screens, we should first confirm whether the hardware address, width, height, IP and other parameters of the display screen have changed, if these parameters are correct, test whether the communication is normal, and finally determine whether the LCD control is normal.

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