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Future development trend of display

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Update time : 2017-07-12 14:45:15
At the same time, science and technology are developing rapidly. The computer industry is also constantly moving forward, people often pay attention to the purchase of a computer CPU, motherboard, memory, 3D graphics and other accessories. But ignore the importance should be paid more attention to the monitor. In fact, the development of the monitor is also with the development of computer and the development of display.

The development of the display from monochrome to color, from fuzzy to clear, from thick to thin, from small to large, can not be ordinary screen before the current LCD screen, touch screen and LCD touch screen, after countless changes. Various manufacturers continue to improve and improve the display of the production technology, so that it can adapt to the market, but also to adapt to the changing consumer psychology.

Touch display
SZ Xianheng Technology Co., Ltd. production of the advantages of more, small footprint, small radiation, giving people a healthy image of the product. All in all, the future trend of the display is bound to rise, the production of more forms, high quality and high performance monitor, let us wait and see.