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How Long Is The Life Of LCD Display?

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Author : LCD Display supplier
Update time : 2019-09-24 15:14:45
The life of the LCD displays depends on the life of the backlight source. Take a look at what the backlight source of the LCD is (which is generally considered white here), and some are LED, and some are CCFL. The life span of LED is longer than that of CCFL. The subject said yellowing, I personally think the light source may be CCFL. It may also be due to the aging and yellowing of the light guide film. That's another problem. So if you just talk about backlight and limit the LED, the average LCD or TV life is 40000 to 100000 hours. This is a very vague value, which only means that the luminance of the LED drops to, say, less than 60% after 40K or 100K hours. 

What are the influencing factors of LED lifespan? 

First, the color of LED. The lifespan of LED, is different in different colors. If it's backlit, it's white LED. 

Secondly, the effect of LED working temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the LED senescence. 

Third, use time. Life is so long, every day open and want to use when open, a little into a lot, or will have an impact. 

Finally, brightness adjustment. This principle still involves the temperature, the brighter the brightness, the greater the current required by the LED, the more severe the heating of the LED itself, and the shorter the life span.

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