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How To Improve The readability Of Industrial LCDs In Highlighted Environment

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Author : Industrial LCD supplier
Update time : 2019-09-16 16:52:19
The liquid crystal display screen used in industry is called industrial LCDs. The main difference between the industrial LCD screen and the commercial LCD screen is that most of the industrial LCD screens are used in some harsh environments, such as strong interference, high temperature, strong vibration, and so on. Ordinary commercial consumer liquid crystal display is very difficult to work properly.

The main technical parameters of industrial LCDs include technical parameters contrast, brightness, response time and visual angle. In the selection and purchase, we should pay attention to the following key points: the higher the brightness value is, the brighter the picture is, and there is no hazy fog. High contrast: the higher the contrast, the brighter the color is saturated, and it will be three-dimensional, and the difference in the ratio is quite large, from as low as 100: 1 to as high as 600: 1, or even higher, with a wide visual range: the visual range is simply put, Refers to a clear range of pictures that can be seen in front of the screen. The wider the visual range, the easier it is to see.

XIANHENG industrial LCDs are an organic compound that is normally liquid and consists of the following parts:

1. Horizontal polarizer.

2. Color filter.

3. Vertical polarizer.

4. Liquid crystal: liquid crystal is a special substance.

5. TFT glass: the TFT glass panel is essentially a matrix of millions of FT drive tubes and lT0 (transparent conductive metal) that controls the liquid crystal region, also known as an array.