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How to judge the quality of LCD screen

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Update time : 2019-02-22 10:22:42
Now there are more and more LCD manufacturers and many brands in the market, but the quality is good or bad. How can we judge the quality of LCD display? As a LCD screen manufacturer, Xianheng Tech explains its skills for you.

The quality of LCD screen has one of the important criteria for evaluating the display screen: the number of "bright spots". What are the highlights? It is a pixel in the display screen that is continuously illuminated and does not accept the calming signal. It is also called "bad spot" in the line. Highlights are generally difficult to detect, and must be carefully viewed under the full black screen of the industrial display before they can be found. In fact, in the process of making LCD panel, the rate of excellence can not reach 100%, so there will be bright spots when LCD panel manufacturers leave the factory.

How to judge the effect of LCD screen? This is the common question of many customers. In the selection, no matter how beautiful LCD screen manufacturers say their products, the technical indicators are often different from the actual performance of the screen, so we still need to "see for the truth" is the most important.

For some buyers who do not have much expertise in LCD screen products, the simplest way is to feel comfortable after looking at the screen, which is the best effect. If at first glance you feel that the picture is blurred, the font is unclear, and the eyes are not comfortable, the quality must be poor, and you need to think twice when you buy it!

If you want to be very professional to distinguish the quality of LCD screen, there are actually many ways, such as brightness and contrast, highlights, high and low temperature, service life, visual angle and other aspects of the analysis ability to draw a correct conclusion! Choose industrial display screen not only look at the appearance, but also look for a reliable LCD screen manufacturer.
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