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How To Judge The Quality Of TFT LCD Screen

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Author : China TFT LCD screen supplier
Update time : 2019-07-22 11:31:39
Now there are a variety of TFT LCD screens on the market, so how to know whether the quality of TFT LCD is good or bad? XIANHENG will introduce the method of judging the quality of TFT LCD screen in detail.

The quality of the TFT LCD screen is one of the important criteria for the LCD screen: the number of "bright spots". What is the bright spot? That is, there is a pixel in the LCD screen that continues to shine and does not accept the extinguish signal, also known as the "bad point" in the line. Bright spots are generally difficult to detect, must be in the TFT LCD screen all black screen to see carefully in order to find. In fact, in the process of manufacturing LCD panels, the excellent and good rate can not reach 100%, therefore, there will be bright spots in the factory. 

How to judge the effect of TFT LCD screen? This is a common question for many consumers. In the selection, no matter how beautiful the TFT LCD manufacturers say the product, the technical specifications and the actual performance of the screen are often different, so we still have to "see is believe" the most important. 

For some buyers who do not have much expertise in industrial touch display products, the easiest way is to look at the picture is very comfortable, is the best effect. If you look at the first time you feel blurred picture, unclear font, eye discomfort, the quality is certainly not good, the purchase needs to think twice. 

If you want to be very professional to distinguish the quality of the TFT LCD screen, in fact, there are many steps, such as brightness and contrast, bright spots, high and low temperature, service life, visual angle and other aspects of the analysis in order to come to a correct conclusion.

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