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How To Solve The Sudden Black Screen Of LCD Monitor?

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Update time : 2019-03-25 15:28:11
Have you ever experienced a sudden black screen on a LCD monitor that makes it impossible to display properly? In this era of computer popularization and one computer per person, I believe that many people should have encountered such a situation. When LCD monitor suddenly black screen, how should we solve it?

When you encounter a sudden black screen on the lcd monitor, 4 steps can help you solve the problem quickly.

First of all, when the LCD monitor screen is black, it is necessary to detect whether the cable connecting the screen to the computer is loose. If the cable is loose, the display is in the signal interruption state, and a black screen may appear.

Secondly, check whether there is a problem with the host, and test whether the host's line has loosened. Check whether the display light of the computer keyboard is on. If the indicator light is on, it means that the host computer is not in trouble.

Third, if the LCD monitor black screen is not caused by the host, check whether the LCD protection circuit works because of the high or low voltage, and check whether the accelerator voltage is normal.

Finally, the following parts which are prone to problems are inspected, such as whether the fuse is fused, whether the switch tube of rectifier bridge is broken down, whether the current limiting protection resistance is burnt out, etc. These parts can be seen in the appearance of blackening and other fault phenomena.

Of course, there are many reasons for LCD monitor black screen. This article only introduces some basic checking methods. If these four points can not be checked out, then it will take a long time for professional display maintenance personnel to help. If you are a customer of Xianheng Company, you can contact us if you have similar problems. We will provide you with professional after-sales technical support services.
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