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Influencing Factors Of LCD Screen Price

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Update time : 2019-06-26 16:36:11
People often ask what the price of lcd screen is. Some people ask the price and then compare the price everywhere on the Internet, which is beyond reproach. In fact, this problem is very simple, first of all, you want to clear the quality, size, function, scene and other requirements of the lcd screen you want to purchase, because for different procurement needs, the choice of lcd screen is different, the price is naturally different. 

Influencing factors of lcd screen Price: quality. 

At present, there are all kinds of lcd screen on the market, the same model of screen has several different quality levels, and the market is often divided into different grades. The higher the grade, the better the quality, the higher the price. 

Influencing factors of lcd screen Price: dimension. 

Size is also a basic factor affecting the price of lcd LCD screens. The larger the size, the larger the material, the higher the cost, and the higher the price. 

Influencing factors of lcd screen Price: function. 

The function of lcd screen determines the scene used by the screen, the more features, the stronger availability, the more widely used, the more applicable objects, but the more features, it means that the more manpower, technology and money need to be invested, the higher the cost of research and development, and the price will naturally go up. 

Influencing factors of lcd screen Price: application. 

Lcd liquid crystal display screen is divided into industrial display screen, commercial LCD screen and medical display screen and so on. Different environments have different requirements for lcd LCD screens, such as operating temperature, visual angle, screen brightness, and so on. For example, the outdoor advertising screen compared with the indoor advertising screen, the brightness is naturally higher, the price is also higher. 

In addition, the factors that affect the price of lcd screen are whether or not to bring touch, capacitance touch screen, resistance touch screen and infrared touch screen prices are different. So it doesn't matter how much, lcd screen costs, it's important to think about where you use it, what functions you need, how long, how big, and think about these questions, and the question is no longer a question.

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