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Moistureproof Method of LCD Display Screen in Rainy Days

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Update time : 2019-02-25 11:30:38
With the rapid development of information technology in society, the use of LCD display screen is more and more widespread. The humid and rainy climate is a big challenge for electronic display screen. How to be waterproof and moistureproof in rainy season is a problem to be solved for outdoor LCD display screen. Because the environment of outdoor LCD display is more chaotic than that of indoor, not only considering the wet problem, but also doing well the routine protection work such as waterproofing, so outstanding sealing equipment can help the LCD display reduce the risk of water inflow, regularly clean up the dust attached to the inside and outside of the LCD display, and also help the LCD display to better heat dissipation and reduce the adhesion of water vapor.

1. Waterproof Engineering in Production Process

In the production of LCD display, the PCB board should be well anticorrosive, such as three coatings on the surface, power supply and power line should choose high-quality accessories. Choose waterproof tank body has good sealing performance, and it is necessary for the screen body to reach IP65. Welding is the most simple place to be corroded, we should pay attention to do a good job of protection work, especially the framework, simple rust, do a good job of anti-rust treatment.

2. Waterproofing operation for site equipment construction

At the side of the concrete construction site; combining prevention with drainage in the structural planning; after determining the structure, according to the characteristics of the structure, the sealing strip material with the functions of hollow tube structure, small shrinkage permanent deformation rate and large elongation at break can be considered; after selecting the sealing strip material, according to the characteristics of the sealing strip material, the appropriate contact surface and contact force should be planned to extrude the sealing strip. To dense shape. In some equipment, waterproof tank and other directions, do the key protection to ensure that there is no water in the LCD screen.

3. Attention in Daily Use

Ultimately, with regard to outdoor LCD screens, the need is often used, because the LCD display screen itself in working conditions will generate some heat, which can evaporate some water vapor, greatly reducing the possibility of short circuit caused by wetting. XIANHENG recommends that you use LCD display at least once a week in Meiyu season, open the screen at least once a month and light it for more than 2 hours.