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New technology in Taiwan: LCD panel reuse

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Update time : 2017-07-13 11:24:51
A small piece of the LCD panel is close to a kilogram, used to bring people the joy of the screen, the waste become quite headache in the world, Taiwan annual output of thousands of tons of waste liquid crystal panel, ITRI material successfully turning waste into treasure, not only one hundred percent recycled materials, more developed glass nano porous adsorption material, can effectively deal with heavy metal wastewater.

Through a model with little to tell you how this technology is filtration of heavy metal wastewater, not only through multi-channel program, adsorption material after use can extract heavy metals, become the best model of circular economy.

In the past the LCD panel can only bring the burden on the environment, has become the best filter of heavy metal wastewater, the material itself even can be reused more than ten times, the world's first technology also let everyone see ITRI proud strength.