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Several Factors Needing Attention In Purchasing LCD Monitors

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Update time : 2019-04-12 10:48:11
In recent years, most of the new projects under construction have adopted more advanced LCD monitors. In the old projects reformed, CRT monitors are gradually replaced by LCD monitors. It can be said that the market space of LCD monitors is very large. From the perspective of Engineering application, the service life of the monitor is about 5-8 years, so the rapid development of LCD monitor in recent years has eroded the market share of CRT monitor. So, what factors should we pay attention to when purchasing LCD monitors?

A few years ago, compared with CRT monitors, LCD monitors had some problems, such as low brightness, small visual angle, short service life and high price. However, with the improvement of LCD monitor technology, the brightness has been greatly improved, the visual angle can reach 170 degrees above the level, and the price has been generally reduced a lot. But for the life, it mainly depends on the backlight and LCD display, so the quality of LCD monitor is very important. At present, there is a problem of low efficiency in cutting LCD panels. Once LCD panels developed for LCD monitors are popularized, such problems will be solved.

With the maturity of technology, LCD is gradually replacing the original CRT monitor with its unique advantages of high brightness, high contrast, elegant design and environmental protection characteristics. Compared with CRT monitors, LCD monitors have the characteristics of power saving, low radiation and space saving, which makes it impossible for CRT monitors which only emphasize low price to compete with them, and the market scale is shrinking rapidly. No matter what kind of screen content, LCD monitor can bring accurate and wonderful picture effect, making it the best choice for video surveillance.

At present, the new LCD screen has reached the level of full viewing angle. At the same time, the price of LCD screen will gradually decrease with the improvement of product technology, technological innovation and the increase of production. The service life of LCD will also increase with the continuous progress of LCD backlight and LCD material technology. Therefore, there is no doubt that LCD monitors may completely replace CRT monitors as the mainstream products in the monitor market in a few years.

For the engineers, when choosing LCD monitors, they should pay attention to the following points:

1. Resolution.
2. Brightness and contrast.
3. Visual angle.
4. The reaction speed, the time needed for the pixels to turn from light to dark and from dark to bright, the faster the better.
5. Display the number of colors.
6. Appearance.
7. Convenience of installation and use.
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