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Six Points of Assembly Operation of Liquid Crystal Modules

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Author : Liquid Crystal Modules supplier
Update time : 2019-07-25 18:01:15
Many end customers have questions about the installation of liquid crystal modules, and people often ask how to do it. However, it is advised that, liquid modules is carefully designed and assembled, the average person had better not random disassembly and self-processing, it is easy to destroy the liquid crystal module so that it can not be used. 

1. Do not process and repair liquid crystal display modules at will. 

2. The outer frame shall not be twisted or disassembled liquid crystal modules at will. 

3. Do not modify the PCB board shape, assembly holes, circuits and components of the machined liquid crystal modules. 

4. Liquid crystal display modules, with iron frame shall not remove or modify conductive tape. 

5. No internal bracket of the liquid crystal modules shall be modified. 

6. Do not touch, fall, bend or twist the lcd modules.

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