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The Differences Between Highlighted LCD Screen And Ordinary LCD Screen

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Author : China LCD screen manufacturer
Update time : 2019-07-18 10:18:39
The highlighted LCD screen is the LCD screen with high brightness and contrast, which can provide better viewing vision under strong ambient light, and the ordinary LCD screen is generally not easy to see the image in the sun.

1. High brightness

The highlighted LCD screen has a higher brightness than the TV and PC LCD screens. The brightness of the TV or PC LCD screen is generally only 250~300cd/m², while the brightness of the highlighted LCD screen can reach or above 700cd/m². 

2. High contrast

The highlighted LCD screen has 1200:1, or even 10000:1 contrast, more than twice as much as the traditional PC or TV LCD screen and three times as much as the average rear projection. 

3. Better reliable performance

The ordinary LCD screen is designed for TV and PC display, which does not support continuous use day and night, and the highlighted LCD screen supports continuous use in 7x24 hours. 

4. The brightness is uniform and the image is stable and does not flicker

Because each point of the LCD screen maintains that color and brightness after receiving the signal, it does not need to refresh the pixels as much as CRT does. Therefore, the LCD has uniform brightness, high image quality and absolutely no flicker. 

5. Longer service life

The service life of the LCD screen used by ordinary NB, PC and TV is 10, 000 to 30, 000 hours, while the service life of the DID LCD backlight is more than 6-100000 hours. This ensures the consistency of brightness, contrast and chromaticity of each LCD screen used by the splicing display screen for a long time, and ensures that the service life of the display screen is not less than 60,000 hours.

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