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The Principle Of Liquid Crystal Displays

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Update time : 2019-09-04 13:48:05
Liquid Crystal Displays are dependent on the polarizer and the optical line itself. Natural light lines spread in all directions. The polarizer is actually a series of very thin parallel lines. These lines form a network that blocks all light that is not parallel to these lines. 

The line of the polarizer (sheet) is just perpendicular to the first polarizer, so it can completely block those optical lines that have been polarized. 

Only when the optical lines of the two polarizers (plates) are completely parallel, or if the optical lines themselves have twisted to match the second polarizer, can the optical lines penetrate. 

The Liquid Crystal Displays are made up of two polarizers that are perpendicular to each other, so all attempted optical lines should be blocked under normal circumstances. However, because the twisted liquid crystal is filled between the two polarizers, after the optical line passes through the first polarizer, it is twisted 90 degrees by the liquid crystal molecules and finally passes out of the second polarizer. 

If the liquid crystal adds an electric pressure, the molecules will be rearranged and completely parallel, so that the light will no longer twist, so it will be blocked by the second polarizer. 

In general, the addition of electricity will block the light, no electricity will cause the light line to shoot out. 

Of course, we can change the arrangement of liquid crystals in LCD so that light is emitted when energized and blocked when it is not energized. But because the computer screen is almost always on, only a "power-on and light-blocking" scheme can achieve the most power-saving goal.

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