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What is full lamination technique?

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Update time : 2017-07-13 11:45:04
Full lamination also known as non-air-gap technology, compared with the traditional bonding technology is fit, the full lamination panel directly with the outer glass glue paste (or touch panel), the middle is in a vacuum state, thereby allowing the light refraction problem, but if the traditional word of mouth stickers, you can easily see a phenomenon like two pieces of glass. In addition, the whole flat surface can make the screen more high brightness and high quality of reality, and even in the outdoor glare, you can still clearly see the screen display of the mobile phone or tablet computer.

The full lamination plane will be attached to the file can not be the trend, but the current challenge is the difficulty of fitting than the touch panel glass capacitor attached high difficulty of many, and the size is more difficult. LCD panel and touch panel products are not low prices of these two, in case of damage in the process of fitting, the loss will be very large.

What is full lamination technique? Intelligent mobile phone competition becomes increasingly fierce. Many manufacturers are trying to highlight their differences through hardware, IPS, SLCD, retina, what ClearBlack and other new nouns appear constantly, when we do not understand the new technology and the birth of the new term.