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What is Industrial lcd display?

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Update time : 2019-06-10 11:21:05
What is Industrial lcd display? Industrial lcd display is a liquid crystal display used in industry, there are a variety of display sizes, installation methods and so on. Different from the ordinary liquid crystal display, it can adapt to the extreme environment, stable operation, long service life and so on. 

Industrial lcd display has a light, beautiful and practical box structure. 

Industrial lcd display has a variety of display sizes. 

Industrial lcd display supports serial port and USB interface. 

Industrial lcd display usually uses resistive touch screen. 

Industrial lcd display supports VGA and AV signal input. 

Industrial lcd display is mostly used in harsh environment, in this environment, ordinary commercial lcd display is difficult to work properly. Other hidden features also need to be taken into account when choosing a display to be used in a manufacturing environment. For example, it is critical to ensure that failure time is minimized. In order to achieve maximum utilization, it is important to choose the highest quality display as much as possible and to have available spare parts for on-site repair rather than external repair. 

Industrial lcd display also requires a long product life cycle. When the lcd manufacturer no longer makes a certain pattern, the new display should be inversely compatible to conform to the existing airtight container without requiring the entire system to be redesigned.

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