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What is the main features of touch screen?

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What is the main features of touch screen?

First characteristics of touch screen:

Transparent, it directly affects the visual effect of the touch screen. Transparent degree transparent, infrared touch screen technology and surface acoustic wave touch screen only a layer of pure glass, transparent is the leader, the other touch screen to make this a deliberate, "transparent", the touch screen industry, is a very broad concept, a multi touch screen is composite film a multilayer, with only a little transparent to summarize its visual effect is not enough, it should include at least four characteristics: transparency, color distortion, reflection and clarity, but also subdivided, such as reflective mirror including degree degree and degree of reflective diffraction, but the touch screen has not reached the CD disk reflective diffraction the extent of the user, the four measure has been basically enough.

The transmittance and wavelength curve, distortion through the touch screen to see the inevitable image and original image produced color, static image feeling is only color distortion, dynamic multimedia image feeling is not very comfortable, the maximum color color distortion which is the distortion of the nature is as small as possible. Transparency can only be said to be the average transparency in the picture, of course, the higher the better.

Reflective, mainly refers to the reflection of the image caused by the overlap behind the shadow, such as shadows, windows, lights, etc.. Light is the negative effect brought by the touch screen, the smaller the better, it affects the user's browsing speed, even unable to recognize the image character, reflecting strong use of the touch screen environment is limited, the scene lighting layout were need to adjust. Most existing touch screen reflective problem would provide another after surface treatment type: frosted surface touch screen, also called glareproof, slightly higher prices, anti glare reflective decreased for hall or exhibition places in the lighting is very adequate but antidazzling type transparency and clarity it has decreased greatly. Clarity, some touch screen after the installation, the writing is fuzzy, the image detail is fuzzy, the whole screen is fuzzy, not clear, this is the clarity is too bad. Clarity is the main problem of multilayer film structure of the touch screen, because of the thin film between the light reflection refraction caused by, in addition to anti glare touch screen due to the surface of the matte also caused a decrease in sharpness. Clarity is not good, the eye is easy to fatigue, there are some damage to the eyes, when you choose to pay attention to the identification of touch screen.

Second characteristics of touch screen:

Touch screen is an absolute coordinate system, which is to choose the right point, and the relative positioning system such as the mouse is the essence of the difference between the intuitive. The characteristics of the absolute coordinate system is every location coordinates of a Never mind and location coordinates, the touch screen is a set of independent coordinate system in physics, each touch data through the calibration data into coordinates on the screen so that the touch screen requires this set of coordinates not in what circumstances the output data of the same point is stable, if not stable, so that the touch screen can ensure absolute positioning, from the touch screen that is most afraid of the problem: drift. Technical principle can not guarantee that the same point to touch the same touch data for each sampling data are not allowed to drift this problem, there is only a capacitive touch screen drift phenomenon.

Third characteristics of touch screen:

Touch detection and positioning, a variety of touch screen technology is to rely on their respective sensors to work, and even some touch screen itself is a set of sensors. The positioning principle of the sensor and the sensor are used to determine the reaction speed, reliability, stability and life of the touch screen.
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