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Which is the best brand of LCD screen made in China?

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Update time : 2019-03-09 12:07:02
Over the years, with the wider and wider application of LCD screens, more and more brand products have been favored by the people. Together, more and more LCD manufacturers have emerged. Of course, the most popular brands in China are BOE, INNOLUX, CHIMEI, AUO, CSOT, etc. So, Which is the best brand of LCD screen made in China?

It is better to say who is more professional than good or bad. In fact, the above mentioned LCD screen manufacturers are very professional, and the quality is guaranteed. But the most popular must be BOE and INNOLUX, these two panel manufacturers are also obvious to all. They all have multiple distributors, but not every distributor has the best size and price.

SZ XIANHENG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is the agent of AUO, BOE, INNOLUX, SHARP, IVO and Mitsubishi, and other domestic and foreign well-known brands of small and medium-sized LCD display; specializing in customized production of touch screen display, LCD and industrial touch display and other high-tech products. According to the needs of customers, we can provide various LCD products: high-brightness LCD screen, LCD driver board, touch screen, booster board, all kinds of LCD special wires, etc. to produce industrial displays.

What brand of LCD screen is good? If you choose BOE, INNOLUX, CHIMEI, AUO or CSOT, you can buy them from us. 18.5 inch LCD screen, 21.5 inch LCD screen and other small and medium size, our price is the lowest in the industry.