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Six USPs of M215HJJ-L30 From Top10 LCD Display Supplier XIANHENG

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Update time : 2019-04-30 10:59:21
Innolux's M215HJJ-L30 is a 21.5 inch LCD module with a-Si TFT-LCD technology. It is equipped with a WLED backlight, no backlight driver and no touch. Typical features are summarized as: wide gamut, surface fog, wide angle of view, landscape mode, white LED backlight, wide screen, signal terminal inversion, TCO 6.0 Compliance. Not only that, this 21.5-inch LCD module from top10 lcd display supplier xianheng has several mainstream features of the current market demand for LCD screens.


1. Full HD Display

According to the product specifications issued by Innolux, the display resolution of the M215HJJ-L30 21.5 inch LCD module is 1920 (RGB)*1080 (FHD), the aspect ratio is 16:9 (W×H), and the pixels are arranged in vertical strips of RGB. Its display area size is 476.064 *267.786 (W×H) mm, accounting for more than 88%.

2. Full Viewing angle

M215HJJ-L30 21.5 inch LCD module display mode is MVA evergreen black display, its viewing angle is 89/89/89/89 (Typ.) (CR (> 10), can be said to be 360 without dead angle, very suitable for various public advertising display.

3. Wide gamut, full color display

In terms of color performance, the M215HJJ-L30 21.5 inch LCD module displays 16.7M color and 72% NTSC color gamut [CIE1931]. Its typical vertical refresh rate is 60 Hz.

4. Long backlight life

For backlight, the M215HJJ-L30 21.5 inch LCD module uses a 4 strings WLED side-in light source (left side), which has a life of 40K hours and no backlight drive.

5. Driver board with multiple signal terminals

M215HJJ-L30 21.5 inch LCD module uses LVDS (2ch, 8-bit) signal interface, a total of 30 pins, using terminal connection, driving screen voltage is 5.0V (Typ.). Different driver boards can be selected according to the requirements of application equipment. Generally, the driver boards with three interfaces of HDMI, DVI and VGA, or the driver boards with only VGA interface, etc.

6. Stable supply and fast delivery

M215HJJ-L30 21.5 inch LCD module is the main type of LCD market products. It was produced in Q4 in 2014, and the current production status is in mass production. We provides stable supply and prompt delivery.