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Advantages and disadvantages of semi-reflective LCD

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Update time : 2019-05-14 10:38:04
Semi-reflective LCD is referred to as TR-LCD, which is a combination of transmission and reflection. In TR-LCD structure, the optical path difference between the reflected light and the transmitted light region is twice as large as that of the liquid crystal layer because the reflected light passes through the liquid crystal layer twice.

The disadvantage of TR-LCD is that when the ambient light is not too dark, when the backlight is turned on, the image of the transmission and reflection areas can be seen at the same time, which reduces the brightness of the picture quality. In addition, in the reflective region, light passes through the color film twice, and there is color deviation in the reflective region and the transmission region. To solve the problem of color deviation, Sharp developed a TR-LCD structure with 1/2 thickness reduction in the reflective region.

The fabrication process of reflective and reflective regions with different thickness in liquid crystal cell is complex, and the driving characteristics of the reflective and reflective regions are different, which brings many difficulties in practical fabrication and application.

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