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Big rush purchase of hot selling lcds in stock!

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Update time : 2018-03-28 18:43:10
Recently, there are serveral models of hotsale lcd displays in stock below. They are so hot selling that some of them has been out of stock. If you are interested in them, please mail to me as soon as possible to get a quote. My e-mail is

HE080IA-01D  IPS
HE080IA-01D  Outdoor use & IPS & 1000nits
M215HJJ-L30  Full viewing angle
M236HJJ-P02  Full viewing angle

G065VN01 V2
A104SN03 V1
G121XN01 V0
M170ETN01.1  5:4 square screen
G190ETN01.0  5:4 square screen
M270HVN02.0  Full viewing angle

MV185WHB-N20  Full  viewing angle
MV185WHB-N20  1000nits & Full viewing angle
MT185WHB-N20  Wide viewing angle & Original
MV190E0M-N10  4:3 & Full viewing angle
HR215WU1-120  Original & Full viewing angle
HR215WU1-210  Original & Full viewing angle
MV215FHM-N60  Original & Full viewing angle
MV215FHM-N30  Original & Full viewing angle
MV238FHM-N10  Original & Full viewing angle
HV320FHB-N00  FHD & Full viewing angle