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Three ways to help you repair LCD display

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Update time : 2019-03-13 15:51:36
When LCD display works abnormally, how should it be repaired? Because of the complex circuit structure of LCD, the same problem may occur in different parts, that is, a problem phenomenon may be caused by many reasons. This requires careful observation, inspection and analysis to find out the real problems, until they are eliminated.

How to repair LCD displays? Three visual inspection methods can help you solve problems, including external inspection, internal inspection and electrical inspection.

(1) External inspection: LCD display inspection should start from the outside, according to the working mode of the machine to check whether the buttons and switches on the operation panel are normal, whether the power connection is good, whether the video signal line is normal, etc.

(2) Internal inspection: LCD display in the external inspection did not find any abnormalities, open the display shell, check the internal circuit. Observe whether the solder joints and connecting wires of components are virtual soldering, de-soldering, whether the pins are mildewed or not, whether the plug-ins are loose, whether the circuit lines of printed circuit boards are broken, whether the components are burnt, burst or leakage, etc.

(3) Electricity check: LCD display is connected to the power switch to observe whether the power indicator light is on, whether there is fire, fever, burning odor and smoking in the machine.