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What is the Visual Angle of the LCD Screen?

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Update time : 2019-06-11 10:51:19
Visual angle is the angle from which the user can clearly view everything on the lcd screen from different directions. Because the light source displayed by the LCD display has a certain direction when the light source is refracted and reflected, the color distortion will occur when the light source is viewed beyond this range, so the CRT display will not have this problem. 

The size of the visual angle determines the size of the user's visual range and the best viewing angle. If it is too small and the user deviates slightly from the front of the lcd screen, the screen will fade. The average user can use a visual angle of 120 degrees as the selection criterion. 

The visual angle of the LCD display sold on the market is symmetrical left and right, but the upper and lower angles are not necessarily symmetrical, and the upper and lower angles are often less than the left and right angles. When we say that the viewing angle is 80 degrees left and right, we can still clearly see the lcd screen image when we stand at 80 degrees from the normal of the screen (that is, the imaginary line in the middle of the lcd display). The larger the viewing angle is, the better the viewing angle is, and the more applicable the LCD display is. 

Because each person's eyesight is different, so we are based on the contrast, the greater the contrast measured at the maximum visual angle, the better. Most of the products on the market have a visual angle of more than 120 degrees, and some products have reached more than 170 degrees. It should be noted that in different methods of measurement, the nominal value of visual angle is also different, because lcd display manufacturers usually do not explain the specific method of measurement, so in general, the visual angle is a reference value. 

Industry methods for measuring visual angles. 

The visual angle of the liquid crystal display includes two indexes: the horizontal visual angle and the vertical visual angle. The horizontal visual angle is represented by the vertical normal of the display (that is, the vertical imaginary line in the middle of the display). At a certain angle perpendicular to the left or right of the normal, the display image can still be seen normally, and this angle range is the horizontal visual angle of the LCD screen. Similarly, if you are based on the horizontal normal, the upper and lower visual angle is called the vertical visual angle. 

In general, the visual angle is based on the change of contrast as the reference standard. When the viewing angle increases, the contrast of the lcd display image seen in this position will decrease, and when the angle increases to a certain extent, the contrast drops to 10: 1, this angle is the maximum viewing angle of the LCD screen. 

Many LCD screen manufacturers have been able to reach the horizontal visual angle of 170 degrees; the vertical visual angle of 160 degrees.

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