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What Should Pay Attention To When Using Industrial Touch Display?

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Update time : 2019-04-15 17:58:52
Industrial touch display is the product of the era of intelligence, and now it has become something we must use in our life. What should we pay attention to when using industrial touch displays?

1. If you are using a capacitive industrial touch display, it is recommended that when you are using it, you must install the driver for the capacitive industrial touch display correctly according to the instructions.

2. When using resistive industrial touch display, if you find that the cursor does not move or can only move in a local area, you can check whether the touch area of the touch screen is pressed by other touching objects. For example, once the touch screen is pressed by the display shell or cabinet shell, it is equivalent to a point being touched all the time, then the coordinate position feedback to the controller will be inaccurate, and the light will not be accurate. The label will certainly not be positioned correctly. If the cabinet case is pressed on the touch area, you can adjust the distance between the cabinet and the display screen a little more. If the display case is pressed on the touch area, you can try to loosen the screw of the display case slightly.

3. In order to ensure the normal operation of industrial touch display system, in addition to ensuring the correct installation of system software, we must also remember not to install two or more touch screen drivers on a host computer, which will easily lead to conflicts when the system is running, so that the industrial touch display system can not be used normally.

These are the things that should be paid attention to when using two different types of industrial touch displays. I hope these can help you.