XH104-R01 10.4 inch touch display resistance screen

Item No.: XH104-R01
XH104-R01 10.4 inch touch display resistance screen with 800x600 300cd/m2
XH104-R01 10.4 inch touch display resistance screen with 800x600 300cd/m2

Product   industrial touch display
Model   XH104-R01
Size   10.4 inch
Resolution    800x600
Max view    140 (H) x120 (V)
Contrast    500:1
Brightness   300cd/m2
Video signal   RGB ana log interface
Separate line   frequency synchronization signal
Band width   32MHZ
Line   31-38KHZ
Frequency   60-75HZ
Input signal   VGA
Signal   15 pins D-type SUB
Power   DC12V
input Mode   power adapter
Touch interface   Optional (USB interface)
Power dissipation   5.5W
Basic buttons   Menu、Left、Right、LCD ON/OFF、Auto
Display color   262k(6 bit/color) 16.7M(8bit/color)
Working temperature   -10℃-50℃
Storage temperature   -20℃—60℃
Working humidity   20% - 60%
Save moisture   5% - 75%
Net weight   about 1.8kg

As a result of the change of the product, the parameter will change accordingly.   

Installation instructions:

* insert the tablet PC into the installation panel to reserve recessed mounting slots (slot size should be slightly larger than Tablet PC
Rear case size and smaller than panel computer front panel size)

* release the embedded mounting hooks (4 screws) in the attachment and hang the hooks to the left and right sides of the rear box body of the tablet computer
Four embedded hook cards, tighten the screws on the mounting hook and complete the wiring after installation.

Typical applications:

1) electromagnetic interference, environmental pollution and low power consumption of industrial field human-computer interface, industrial automation control;
2) testing instruments, analytical instruments, experimental instruments, testing instruments, nondestructive testing instruments;
3) environmental monitoring, fire control, fire alarm control, room monitoring, video real-time monitoring;
4) financial terminal, financial transaction terminal, multimedia terminal equipment, ATM self-service terminal, transfer machine;
5) ship control system;
6) punching machine, machine vision, inkjet printer.