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By lcd screen supplier | 06 August 2018 | 0 Comments

Apple 6.1 inch new LCD screen phone exposure

Near Apple's new release this fall, the three iPhone mobile phone model has been on the Internet many times. Apple 6.1 inch new LCD screen phone exposure. The 6.1 inch iPhone of the LCD version is a relatively "cheap" version of the iPhone phone. In contrast, the only one with a single, 5.8 inch, 6.5 inch iPhone was adopted. Double photography, the shape is almost the same as the cash iPhone X.

The three mobile phones all use a black front panel with Face ID and stainless steel borders. In addition, the mobile phone has black and white two kinds of color matching.

Slashleaks has just released a iPhone 6.1 inch back gear, which slashleaks calls iPhone 9 or 6.1 inch iPhone X. The flashing light on the back of the machine has moved below the camera. 

In addition, it's not clear whether it's the angle of the camera, and the camera's back camera has a bigger size.

In addition to the appearance of the mobile phone, their name is also very interesting, according to the burst, the largest one in the three iPhone will be named iPhone XS Plus, the LCD version of the new machine will be named iPhone 2018, the 5.8 inch model is the iPhone XS.

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