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By China lcd display supplier | 20 March 2019 | 0 Comments

Samsung was exposed to a blinking white spot on its LCD screen

As we know, as Samsung's flagship mobile phone, Samsung S10 is full of black technology this time, and the ultrasonic fingerprint identification carried by Samsung S10+ has been exposed to strong light before. But by comparison, it is also a common fault of fingerprint recognition on LCD screen: whether it is pressure fingerprint or optical fingerprint identification, or perhaps Samsung's ultrasonic fingerprint, there will be such a situation.

However, this time, Samsung users actually reported that their new Samsung S10 + status bar LCD display would actually have white flares shining, and the specific performance is that the phone will trigger the flashing.

But soon some netizens popularized the science, saying that this is because Samsung in order to further improve the proportion of S10 + LCD screen, the maximum "cut off fringe" will also be placed under the screen spacer sensor.

Of course, this is not a quality problem. At most, it is a new phenomenon of LCD technology innovation, which will not affect the daily use.

In fact, in the S10 + application manual, users are also clearly informed of this point: Samsung said that this shining white spot planning is used to highlight the location of the spacing sensor, only when the user dials the phone. It also lets users know to put their faces close to the mobile phone when they make a phone call, so as to smooth the operation of the LCD screen.

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