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Technology Breakthrough Drives the Development of LCD Advertising Machine Industry

In recent years, the development trend of LCD advertising machine has become increasingly clear. The development of its technology has driven the development of commercial display field. Mainly from the following aspects can be explained:

1. Promoting the popularization of customization

Speaking of customization, I came across a sentence: "Universal is useless, customization achieves the future." It is unreasonable to put forward such a sentence in a general way in the whole industry. After all, the standardized production of hardware is more in line with manufacturers'cost control and non-monopoly fair competition among different manufacturers. However, for LCD advertising machine manufacturers, as long as the cost is not discarded and customization is only discussed, then after entering the international standardization and standardization of the "regular army" road, it can emerge on the road of customization. At present, many enterprises have proposed "solutions" as the future development path. However, through the later development, it is not difficult to see that many enterprises'so-called targeted solutions only aim at a certain industry, or even a small retail organization, to add and expand a module to a certain hardware, while the corresponding LCD advertising machine, there are not many enterprises in China can carry out customized R&D and project cooperation with industry specifications and depth. The market of hardware customization development is also a blue sea market worth exploring in the domestic LCD advertising machine industry, which is the inevitable demand of popularization.

2. The Way to Promote Human-Computer Interaction Science and Technology

Human-computer interaction, the touch function of mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices has been developed. Such a technology can not be regarded as a "new technology". However, in the advertising machine industry, the research and development of human-computer interaction function plays an almost decisive role. From a simple LCD advertising player to a touch-able advertising machine, to a smart terminal with perfect functions, to an artificial intelligence device that can realize perception functions. The process of human-computer interaction is also the process of smart city. With the development and application of VR and AI technology, human-computer interaction technology is moving from plane interaction to three-dimensional scene interaction, and interaction technology is also changing from simple touch control technology such as pressure control and infrared control to eye, gesture and even conceptual idea control. As far as the current situation is concerned, the mature digital signboard + VR has been applied in foreign countries and has achieved some results. Human-computer interaction, such a potential and fantastic future technological road, will also dream for people in the future.

3. Promoting Internet of Things

For users, the independent use of LCD advertising machine has limited propaganda effect, which may even cause incompatibility with the traditional industry environment and style, and play a counterproductive role. For manufacturers, the cost of producing LCD advertising machine products in buildings is also difficult to avoid. Fortunately, however, good communication within the relevant industry chain has not hindered the development of the industry. Then, how to form a good connection between the devices of different manufacturers, and how to coordinate from the cloud, to the terminal, to the client? The close connection between terminal and terminal equipment can be solved by creating an internal LAN. Then, how can the data between different urban equipments in the chain industry be communicated? Such problems will inevitably stimulate the power of interconnected enterprises. With the advent of the era of 4G, outdoor network efficiency is far from what people expect. Such market potential will inevitably stimulate the development of 3G, 4G and even future 5G modules and the power of relevant operators. With the ubiquitous demand of the Internet of Things era, the future wireless connection and interconnection technology will become an inevitable potential project.

To sum up, xianheng, lcd display supplier in Shenzhen, believes that in today's changing science and technology, we will bring new upgrades to the national industrial chain by introducing new product lines.

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