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By China INNOLUX LCD supplier | 27 May 2020 | 0 Comments

INNOLUX starts the three steps of digital transformation and lays out artificial intelligence.

INNOLUX pointed out in the business report that looking forward to 2020, with the promulgation of automobile emission standards, the finalization of the 5G telecom license, and the sudden relaxation of trade with China and the United States, the supply chain of the LCD panel industry has also made competitive adjustments, and some of the industry has stopped production and even closed factories, which has greatly improved market supply and demand.

In terms of product research and development, INNOLUX said that through the 8.6 generation factory, it has successfully pushed the 50-inch LCD panel to the mainstream size. TV panel products extend from the original Open-Cell and panel modules to the whole TV set, covering all major sizes such as 24 inches, 32 inches, 40 inches, 50 inches, 65 inches and so on, expanding the export to the sea. moreover, the TV panel products can not only generate more than 2.5 times the revenue, but also extend the related technology to high-end large-size products. In addition to entering the whole TV market, we also plan to enter the public display (PID) market, which not only has a higher gross profit margin, but also has the potential to grow by 20% in the past year.

In terms of small and medium-sized panels, they are diversified in size, with product layouts ranging from 1.4in to 10in, which are used in mobile devices and consumer electronics. Technically, they continue to expand the penetration of LTPS and IPS technology to meet the market demand of high precision and wide perspective.

INNOLUX stressed that the next step will be the three-step digital transformation, combined with big data and AI artificial intelligence, a series of front and rear intelligent factories, followed by the introduction of intelligent management offices, and the third is dual-track transformation to find a way out of innovation.

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