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By China lcd screen factory | 13 October 2020 | 0 Comments

Supply reduction of upstream screen factory lead to shortage and price increase

It is reported that as the supply of the upstream screen factory has been in a state of shortage, it is said that the end of the screen factory may begin to adjust to the original supply principles, and if this action is true, it will have a great impact on which traders as well as small factories and small brands. 

It is rumored that in the case of insufficient supply, the upstream screen factory may adopt the operation of protecting the large and releasing the small, focusing on production capacity and giving priority to strategic partners, such as global brands, large-scale production plants, and so on, while reducing the supply of the screen factory's own agents, that is, screen traders. And it is true that some models of traders have been cut off in the market. If this news is true, it will make it more difficult for subsequent factories to purchase temporarily, and the procurement cost will continue to rise.

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