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Known as "spike OLED" and "liquid crystal laser TV" really can do?

By Xianheng LCD supplier August 4th, 2017 35 views
Known as "spike OLED" and "liquid crystal laser TV" really can do?

When OLED and quantum dots are thought to dominate the field of display for the next three to five years, laser TV claims to overturn the entire display industry.

Recently, following Hisense, Xiao Mi, the XGIMI launched three laser TVs, and the same attention as the new product is also the prediction of the CEO Zhong Bo from XGIMI company , "laser TV will go beyond OLED."

Color TV industry has never been a lack of "lively" news, from the earlier "OLED" "quantum dot" two camps bloody battle to today's "laser TV" beyond the "OLED" theory, in the end who represents the future of display technology

Cloudy color TV industry big screen broken Bureau

After 2016 years of triumph, the color TV industry began in 2017 into the trough. Ovie cloud network data show that in the first half of China's domestic color TV retail sales fell 7.3% year on year, net profit margin fell below 1%.

In the TV market, the overall situation in the cold, "big screen" is broken out, become the industry's best growth point. Data show that the first 5 months of this year, 55 inches and above the large-size TV share remained at around 33%, compared to last year in January increased by 52%. According to Suning cloud business black power company executive vice president of Tao Jinghai introduction, the first half of Suning 55 inches and above products accounted for 70% of sales exceeded.

China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo that "large-scale from one side reflects the color TV product structure has been in the high-end transformation, the core of corporate marketing will focus on cleaning small and medium size inventory, relying on large-size high-end products Drive the overall sales, profit.

Obviously, many companies are aware of this, have to upgrade the product through technological upgrading, open up the second battlefield color TV, which is also the future development of laser TV infinite possibilities.

Big screen trend laser TV seize the opportunity

The face of large-screen trend, laser TV in the ordinary family to meet the needs of large size has obvious advantages. "Large size low cost, higher color gamut, energy saving eye, strong content, easy transportation and installation, in the living room TV large screen, high-end development trend, should talk about the development prospects are more optimistic." Lu Renbo said.

It is understood that, in addition to Hisense, Changhong, millet, rice, see still ,, micro whale, nuts, Huaran, Ai Luowei and other brands have joined the laser TV this camp. Not only that, Sony, Philip, also have said they will force laser TV, want to share a slice.

Driven by many color TV manufacturers, laser TV unprecedented heat. Since the beginning of the year, laser TV has been maintained several times or even in the first-line market nearly ten times the growth, from the Yeekang data show that in March this year, laser TV grew 477.78%, the cumulative annual growth of 410.71%.
Zhongyikang consumer electronics business unit general manager Peng Xiandong told the media, due to panel prices, 2017 laser TV market to 200% growth rate of rapid growth, especially in the 80-inch market, laser TV sales accounted for more than 60% Foreground can be expected.

"Dark horse" and "replace" bad is not three or five years

Causing the uproar of the laser TV to stand at the fork in the intersection of the television industry began to subtle changes in the pattern of sound ... ...
Some industry insiders believe that the future of laser TV development has been basically clear that the next 1 to 2 years will be the enterprise in the product, brand, market and channel layout of the year, can compete for industry leadership within 2 years will come to the fore. It is expected that by 2020, the price of laser TV will enter the era of million, then consumers will have a great attraction.

Perhaps, laser TV in three to five years will usher in the amount of the outbreak, but it really can, as Zhong Bo said, to replace more than 80-inch LCD TV?

To know, although compared with the OLED, LCD TV, laser TV has many advantages, but its lack is also more obvious, the product can not move, focusing mode is not convenient, laser light source eye injury, must be with anti-curtain cloth and so on. In the home appliance industry experts Liu Bu dust view, laser TV is a laser projector, never replace the TV.

Large screen era, is the LCD stage out of history, or laser out of the body did not die first, both of the contest has just begun.
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