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6 Common Adverse Phenomena of LCD Screen?
May . 28 . 2021
With the continuous development of display technology, LCD screen is favored by more and more industry terminals. Many industry terminals have a lot of questions when purchasing LCD screens. How to check whether the LCD display screen is qualified or not?
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4 Factors Affecting the Price of Commercial LCD Screen
May . 24 . 2021
Different models of TFT-LCD screen prices are different, because for different procurement needs, the choice of commercial display LCD screen is not the same, the price is naturally not the same.
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Compared with OLED, the Characteristics of LCD
May . 19 . 2021
As we all know, LCD has replaced CRT to become the mainstream display, and the price has dropped a lot, and has been fully popularized. In recent years, rising star OLED also occupies a place, but there are still many people do not know the difference bet
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10 Tips For Reducing the Probability of Industrial Touchscreen Failure
May . 13 . 2021
If the industrial capacitive screen, check to see if the control card is broken, whether the appearance is damaged, and so on. Here are 10 tips to reduce the probability of industrial touchscreen failure.
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Tips for Repairing Touch Failure of Industrial Touch Screen
May . 10 . 2021
The machine control in many factories basically uses the industrial touch screen all-in-one machine, some machines suddenly fail in the long work, the touch does not respond, why?
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