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Temperature: Closely Related to the Life of LCD Screen
Sep . 17 . 2021
In general, the temperature of the LCD module is divided into two parts, one is the working temperature, the other is the storage temperature.
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How to Choose the Brightness of LCD Screen?
Sep . 10 . 2021
The brightness of LCD screen is the main parameter that affects the price of LCD, so when selecting TFT LCD screen, we don't directly choose high brightness LCD screen, but choose the LCD screen with appropriate brightness according to the use environment
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What is TFT-LCD TTL interface?
Aug . 25 . 2021
The TTL interface of TFT-LCD screen belongs to the interface of data transmission in parallel mode. When using this interface, it is not necessary to use a special interface circuit at the end of the driver board and the end of the LCD panel, but the TTL
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4 Factors Affecting the Price of Industrial LCD Screen
Aug . 11 . 2021
The prices of different LCD screens are different. According to different purchasing needs, customers choose different screens, so the price is naturally different. How is the price of the screen affected from four angles?
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2 Major Characteristic Requirements of Industrial Screen
Jul . 28 . 2021
With the rapid development of the times and the continuous progress of science and technology, if any industry has developed very fast in recent years, there is no need to think too much about the name of the industrial industry. Behind the vigorous devel
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