BOE 10.1-inch LCD Screen EV101WXM-N10 for wide Industrial control

Item No.: EV101WXM-N10
BOE EV101WXM-N10, a cutting-edge 10.1-inch TFT-LCD display meticulously designed for industrial medical imaging applications. With a robust array of features and specifications, this display stands out as a versatile and high-performance solution.
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The EV101WXM-N10 is a 10.1-inch diagonal a-Si TFT-LCD display panel product from BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter called BOE), with an integral WLED backlight system, LED driver, and no touch screen. 

It features an operating temperature range of -20 ~ 70°C and a storage temperature range of -30 ~ 70°C. It's general features are summarized in the following: WLED Backlight, With LED Driver Based on its features, we recommend that this model be applied to industrial, medical imaging, etc.
If you want to embed EV101WXM-N10 LCM in your future product, we strongly recommend that you contact BOE or XIANHENG TECH to learn the latest production and specification details.

Key Features:

Sharp Visuals: The EV101WXM-N10 boasts a resolution of 1280x800 pixels, delivering a crisp and clear display with a pixel density of 149PPI. The RGB Vertical Stripe pixel format ensures vibrant and detailed visuals for various industrial imaging needs.

Enhanced Brightness: With a luminance of 400 cd/m² (Typ.), this display excels in well-lit environments, providing excellent visibility and clarity even in challenging lighting conditions.
Contrast Excellence: The impressive 900:1 (Typ.) contrast ratio (TM) enhances image depth and detail, making it an ideal choice for applications where image precision is crucial.
Wide Viewing Angles: The EV101WXM-N10 ensures a comfortable viewing experience from all angles, with a symmetrical 85/85/85/85 viewing angle (Typ.) for both horizontal and vertical perspectives.

Swift Response Time: Boasting a response time of 30 milliseconds (Typ.), the display minimizes motion blur, making it suitable for dynamic imaging applications where fast response is imperative.

Advanced Technology: Utilizing ADS (Advanced Super Dimension Switch) technology and operating in a normally black, transmissive mode, this display achieves superior image quality and color reproduction.

Durable Design: Crafted for industrial applications, the EV101WXM-N10 features a robust build with an outline dimension of 228.6 (H)×149.2 (V)×6 (D) mm. Its sturdy construction ensures reliability in demanding environments.

Extended Lifespan: Equipped with WLED (White Light Emitting Diode) technology and an LED driver, this display offers a long operational lifespan of 30,000 hours, contributing to its durability and energy efficiency.

Optimized for Industrial Environments: Tailored for industrial medical imaging, this display operates seamlessly in a broad temperature range, with an operating temperature of -20 ~ 70 °C and a storage temperature of -30 ~ 70 °C.

Versatile Connectivity: The LVDS (1 ch, 8-bit) interface with a 40-pin connector ensures efficient and reliable connectivity, facilitating easy integration into various industrial systems.


Brand BOE
Model P/N EV101WXM-N10 
Diagonal Size 10.1"
Panel Type a-Si TFT-LCD, LCM
Resolution 1280(RGB)×800, WXGA  149PPI
Pixel Format RGB Vertical Stripe
Active Area 216.96(W)×135.6(H) mm
Bezel Opening -
Outline Dim. 228.6(H)×149.2(V)×6(D) mm
Treatment -
Luminance 400 cd/m² (Typ.)
Contrast Ratio 900:1 (Typ.) (TM)    
View Direction Symmetry
Response Time 30 (Typ.)(Tr+Td)
Viewing Angle 85/85/85/85 (Typ.)(CR≥10) Left / Right / Up / Down
Operating Mode ADS, Normally Black, Transmissive
Support Color 16.7M   50% NTSC
Light Source WLED , 30K hours , With LED Driver
Weight 175±20g
Designed For Industrial Medical Imaging
Frame Rate 60Hz
Touch Panel Without
Interface Type LVDS (1 ch, 8-bit) , 40 pins Connector
Power Supply 3.3V (Typ.)
Environment Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 70 °C ; Storage Temperature: -30 ~ 70 °C



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