• XHE215-X4 21.5 inch Stand by me touch screen display
  • XHE215-X4 21.5 inch Stand by me touch screen display
  • XHE215-X4 21.5 inch Stand by me touch screen display
  • XHE215-X4 21.5 inch Stand by me touch screen display

XHE215-X4 21.5 inch Stand by me touch screen display

XIANHENG XHE215-X4 Stand By Me 21.5" LCD touchscreen display is an essential tool for any business that values interactivity and efficiency.
  • XHE215-X4 21.5 inch Stand by me touch screen display
  • XHE215-X4 21.5 inch Stand by me touch screen display
With a sleek, modern design available in a pristine white finish, the "Stand By Me" touchscreen complements any professional environment. From retail counters to executive offices, this display integrates effortlessly into your workspace, boosting both functionality and style.
Ideal for a spectrum of business activities, from client presentations to collaborative projects and customer interactions, the "Stand By Me" display is a versatile solution. It is perfect for use in diverse settings such as retail spaces, educational institutions, and corporate environments, enhancing communication and interaction wherever it is deployed.

Product name. XHE215-X4 21.5 inch Stand by me touch screen display
Display parameters Effective display area. 476.064H)×267.786(V) (mm)
Display Scal. 16:9
Brightness. 250cd/
Contrast ratio. 1000:1
Color. 8bits-true16.7M
Backlight Typ. ELED
Maximum visual angle. 178°
Resolution 1920 * 1080
Machine parameters. Input port. USB*1HDMI IN*1,Type-c*1
Output port. Earphone*1, 
Sound output power. 1×5W
WIFI. 2.4G+5G, 
Bluetooth. Support for Bluetooth 4.2
Power consumption of whole machine. ≤32W 
Standby power consumption. ≤0.5W
Whole machine life. 30000H
Input power supply. 12V/5A  Battery charging
Machine size. 491Lx 282Hx 30Tmm
491Lx 1245Hx 340TmmWith bracket
Packing size. 110cm*40cm*16cm
Net weight. 11kgs
Gross weight. 13.6kgs
Working environment. Working temperature: 0  ~ 50 ; working humidity: 10%RH ~ 80%RH.
Storage environment Storage temperature:-20  ~ 60 ; storage humidity: 10%RH ~ 90%RH
Android parameters. CPU MTK
RAM 4G (optional 8G).
FLASH 64G (optional 128G)
Android version. Andriod 12
Support for APK. TV, wireless screen, whiteboard software.
OSD language Chinese and English.
Moval exhibition rack parameters. Height adjustment. 0
angle. Rotation: 90 °clockwise / 90 °counterclockwise, tilt: upper 22 °/ lower 22 °.
Casters. 1 inch universal wheel * 5.
Switch / indicator light. Charging indicator.
Battery parameters Cell type. Ternary lithium ion battery.
Rated capacity. 7800MA.
Nominal voltage. 11.1V.
Charging interface. SM2.54 male head.
Maximum charging current. 5A.
Size. 129*21*5*73MM.
Weight. 0.45kg.
Capacitance parameter. Multi-touch. Maximum number of touch points supported: 10:00.
Number of channels. 96 channels.
Scanning frequency. Change of scanning rate and measuring capacitance: ≥ 100KHZ.
Wake-up response time ms. Time from finger touch to reaction: "15ms"
Touch accuracy mm. The deviation between the real position and the touch position: ±2.0mm.
Linear degree. Deviation of straight line touch: ±2.0mm.
Touch detach mm. The distance between two points that can be distinguished: 15mm.
sensitivity. Sensitivity of touch screen (click ≤ φ 6mm, slip ≤ φ 6mm: uniformly ≤ 1.5mm).
Temperature range. Working temperature:-10  ~ 60 
Working voltage. DC5V
Working power consumption ≥1W
Attachment. Remote control (optional). 1
AAA battery. 1 pair.
The power adapter. 12V/5A.
Mobile exhibition shelf 1 set
Characteristic function 1. the shape is simple, and the main body adopts geometric design.
2. Full fitting capacitor process, compatible with Incell and Oncell, multi-channel capacitor touch, smooth touch and writing.
3. Built-in high-capacity battery, normal working time 5 hours (actual use time will be affected by temperature and machine brightness / sound).
4. the charging breath lamp shows, and the power status indicator shows.
5. Support multi-angle display and viewing
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