6 Common Adverse Phenomena of LCD Screen?

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Update time : 2021-05-28 15:54:31

With the continuous development of display technology, LCD screen is favored by more and more industry terminals. Many industry terminals have a lot of questions when purchasing LCD screens. How to check whether the LCD display screen is qualified or not? What bad phenomena will appear in the LCD display screen? XIANHENG, as a manufacturer of LCD display screen, will give you popular science today.

1. Bright spot, colorful spot and dark spot

Bright spots, color spots, and dark spots generally refer to the appearance of a small abnormal color dot on the LCD display screen in black or white. It is generally caused by the collision of the LCD display screen, this kind of loss can not be repaired, generally, there is a requirement of how many inches of the screen can take a few points.

2. Foreign bodies and stains on LCD display screen

LCD display foreign bodies, stains belong to bad appearance, but will not affect the display function, but in the rest of the screen when looking uncomfortable, this is also one of the LCD display bad phenomena, similar bad appearance can be reworked to clean up.

3. Uneven color

LCD display color is uneven, generally caused by backlight, color uneven is generally reflected in part of the position whitening or yellowing, and so on, generally need to debug the backlight, or because the backlight storage time is too long, aging, resulting in uneven color, this case requires direct replacement of the backlight.

4. Light leakage of LCD display screen

LCD display light leakage can generally be directly seen by the naked eye, light leakage is also a common bad, belongs to poor function, can not be shipped directly. The phenomenon of light leakage of LCD display screen is mainly caused by the pressure of the frame on the LCD display screen during assembly, showing that there is a halo around or a corner, but such light leakage can not be found in general use, and can only be seen by displaying the detection picture in the all-dark environment.

5. Scratches on LCD display screen

LCD screen scratches belong to poor appearance, will not directly affect the display, but will affect the display effect, generally, LCD screen scratches can not be shipped directly, but can replace the polarizer for rework, generally, polarizer incoming scratches may also be caused in the process of production.

6. Blurred screen and black screen

LCD screen blurred screen or black screen must be functional problems can not be shipped. However, the phenomenon of blurred screen and black screen generally needs to be analyzed to analyze whether the operation is improper or the reason for the production process or the LCD display screen is directly broken, which is directly scrapped and can no longer be used.

In the production of LCD display screen due to a large number of raw materials, complex processes, some bad phenomena in the production process is also normal, but professional LCD display screen manufacturers can reduce the probability of occurrence through raw material control and quality inspection, so as to improve product quality.

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