8 Advantages of Color LCD Displays

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Update time : 2019-03-20 10:28:07
Do you know what the advantages of color LCD displays are?

1. High display quality

Because each point of the color LCD displays keeps the same color and brightness after receiving the signal, it always emits light, unlike the cathode ray tube display (CRT) which needs to refresh the bright spot constantly. Therefore, LCD has a high quality and absolutely no flicker, which minimizes eye fatigue.

2. No electromagnetic radiation

Comparatively speaking, color liquid crystal display (LCD) has innate advantages in preventing radiation, because it does not have radiation at all. In the aspect of electromagnetic wave prevention, LCD also has its own unique advantages. It uses strict sealing technology to enclose a small amount of electromagnetic wave from driving circuit in the display.

3. Large visible area

For color LCD displays of the same size, the visual area of LCD is larger. The visual area of LCD is the same as its diagonal size.

4. Wide range of applications

The original LCD display is usually used in electronic meters and calculators because it can not display delicate characters. With the continuous development and progress of liquid crystal display technology, character display began to be delicate, but also support the basic color display, and gradually used in liquid crystal television, camera LCD, palm game. Then DSTN and TFT were widely used as LCD devices in computers. DSTN LCD displays were used in early laptops. TFT was used in both laptops (most laptops now use TFT screens) and mainstream desktop displays.

5. Good picture effect

Compared with traditional displays, color LCD displays start with flat glass panels, the display effect is flat right angle, which gives people a refreshing feeling. And LCD is easier to achieve high resolution on a small screen.

6. Digital Interface

LCD display is digital, unlike CRT color display using analog interface. That is to say, with color display, graphics cards no longer need to convert digital signals into analog signals and output them as usual. In theory, this will make the color and location more accurate and perfect.

7. "Body" is symmetrical and compact

The liquid crystal display (LCD) achieves the display purpose by controlling the state of liquid crystal molecules through the electrodes on the display screen. Even if the screen is enlarged, its volume will not increase proportionally, and the weight of the color display screen is much lighter than that of the traditional display with the same display area.

8. Low Power Consumption

Traditional displays are made up of many circuits. These circuits drive the CRT to work. They need to consume a lot of power. With the increasing volume, the power consumed by the internal circuits will certainly increase. In contrast, the power consumption of color display is mainly consumed on its internal electrodes and driving IC, so the power consumption of color display is much smaller than that of traditional display.
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