Common Knowledge of Industrial LCD Screen

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Update time : 2019-10-17 16:40:32
Industrial LCD screen has a very wide range of applications in our lives, what are the common common knowledge about industrial LCD?

The common faults of industrial LCD screen are as follows: White screen, flower screen, black screen, dark screen, yellowing, white spot, bright line, bright belt, dark line, dark belt, outer film scratch and so on.

Among these faults, the ones that are relatively easy to repair are screen, yellowing, white spots and outer membrane scratches. Screen shading is actually the aging of the lamp, direct replacement on the line. Yellowing and white spot are the problems of backlight, which can be solved by replacing the corresponding backlight film or light guide plate. Outer film scratch refers to the damage of the polarizer coated on the surface of Industrial LCD screen glass, which can be replaced manually. Of course, these faults can be solved by replacement, there are also a lot of matters needing attention, changing the lamp should be installed in place to avoid light leakage; deal with backlight, we should pay attention to dust, otherwise the screen will see the dust spots; Replace the polarizing film to avoid tearing film when the screen pressure injury, dust is more taboo, once there is dust in the film, it will produce bubbles, the basic scrap a film to start all over again.

What are the common injuries to Industrial LCD screen?

The protective film of Industrial LCD screen, which is recommended to be affixed when the industrial LCD is not used and removed when the industrial LCD is used, so that the chemical coating on the outer layer of the screen can be effectively protected. So that the outermost coating is not oxidized prematurely. Users in the process of using a laptop, do not easily point to / press the industrial LCD screen, or use hard objects to contact the screen, if you often do not pay attention, For a long time, there will be scars on the industrial LCD that will never be erased, such as white prints. The new machine packaging will generally have a layer of cotton paper, you can also put this layer of cotton paper between the laptop screen and keyboard, thereby reducing the wear between the screen and the cap. If the laptop uses a pointing stick, it is recommended that you remove the pointing rod cap and store it separately when you take the laptop out for a long distance to avoid damage to the screen.

Moisture is the "natural enemy" of Industrial LCD screen, in addition to trying to avoid drinking drinks and eating fruit at the edge of the industrial LCD screen, we should also be careful not to store the machine in a wet place. Serious moisture will damage the internal components of the LCD screen. In particular, it is worth noting that in winter and summer, when entering and leaving a room with heating or air conditioning, a large temperature difference will also lead to "condensation phenomenon". At this time, the user electrifying LCD may also lead to liquid crystal electrode corrosion, resulting in permanent damage. Therefore, we also recommend that your ambient temperature change should not be greater than 10 ℃ / 10min. Once the water into the screen occurs, if you only find fog on the surface of the screen before you turn it on, gently wipe it off with a soft cloth and turn it on. If the water has entered the LCD, you should put the LCD in a warmer place, such as a table lamp, and gradually evaporate the water inside. In the rainy season, also pay attention to the regular operation of the industrial LCD screen for a period of time, in order to heat the components to disperse the moisture, it is best to put a small bag of moistureproof agent in the bag of Industrial LCD screen to create a good home for the love machine.
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