How To Choose And Buy LCD Displays?

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In recent years, the market of LCD display screen is getting bigger and wider. LCD display manufacturers are also more and more, in addition to the old well-known LCD enterprises, there are also many small manufacturers to make up the number. Although the market is getting wider and wider, the competition is also getting bigger and bigger. There is not only benign technology competition, but also bad price war. Small new LCD manufacturers in order to survive, with a low price attitude to the market, but also can quickly open the market, seize a number of customers. 

But in many cases, technical and quality problems lead to a series of accidents. Then the customer has to spend money to spend time to repair, the gain outweighs the loss. So, the LCD display is not a short-term tool, it is not like a mobile phone, it can be changed once a year.The reason why there are all kinds of cheap domestic mobile phones on the market, although the technical quality is not as good as that of imported Apple, but the sales volume has far exceeded that of Apple, because the mobile phone is a short-term tool for consumers, and it was quickly replaced. You don't have to buy a particularly good one. 

But the LCD display is different. It takes a long time, five years, eight years and ten years. Therefore, low prices must not become an important factor for consumers to choose LCD displays. Good quality, durable is really to save money to customers. 

Because LCD and IC are semiconductor devices, they are picky about the use conditions of the environment, preferably around 25 ℃ at room temperature, and their working mechanism is the best. But in fact, a large outdoor screen will be used in different temperature environments, may be above 60 ℃ in summer and below-20 ℃ in winter. When manufacturers produce products, they use 25 ℃ as the test condition to classify different products, but the actual operating conditions are 60 ℃ or-20 ℃. At this time, the working efficiency and performance of LCD display and IC are inconsistent. It is possible that the original belongs to the first gear will become multi-gear, the brightness is not consistent, the screen body also naturally changed to spend. 

This is because the brightness attenuation and decline of red, green and blue lamps are different at different temperatures. At 25 ℃, the white balance is normal, but at 60 ℃, the brightness of LED of the three colors decreases. And its attenuation value is not consistent, so there will be a whole screen brightness decline and color bias phenomenon, the quality of the whole screen will decline. 

What about IC? the working temperature range of IC is from-40 ℃ to 85 ℃. Because the external temperature is too high, the temperature in the box increases. If the temperature in the box exceeds 85 ℃, the IC will cause unstable operation because of the high temperature, or the difference of current between channels or chips will be too large due to the difference of temperature drift.

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