How to repair the LCD display?

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Update time : 2018-11-27 09:53:03
People often ask how to repair the LCD display. In fact, this is a very professional problem, because precision instruments can not be explained in one word or two, so today I will tell you how to repair the LCD display screen!

The most commonly used method is visual viewing, which means that when the LCD display screen works abnormally, most of the problems can be investigated from the lcd display screen (such as flash screen, black screen, color problems, etc.).

According to the phenomenon of the problem investigated, combined with the cause and process of the problem provided by the user, the possible location of the problem can be identified preliminarily after analysis. Because the circuit structure of LCD is complex, the same problem may occur in different parts, that is, a problem phenomenon may be caused by a variety of reasons. This requires careful investigation, inspection and analysis, and then to extract the essence, to remove the false and retain the true, and finally to find out the real problem, until the problem is eliminated.

Visual viewing method mainly includes three kinds: external viewing, internal viewing and electronic viewing.

(1) External viewing: the problem of viewing LCD display should start from the outside, and check whether the keys and switches on the operation panel are normal, whether the power connection is good, whether the video signal line is normal, etc. according to the working mode of the machine.

(2) Internal view: When no abnormality is found in the external view, the display shell is removed and the internal circuit is inspected. Investigate whether the solder joints and connecting wires of components are virtual soldering, de-soldering, whether the pins are mildewed or not, whether the plug-ins are loose, whether the circuit lines of printed circuit boards are broken, whether the components are burnt, burst or leakage, etc.

(3) Power-on check: switch on the power switch, investigate whether the power indicator lights are on, whether there is fire, fever, burning odor and smoking in the machine.

These are some of my experiences over the years. Of course, how to repair LCD display? The concrete method goes far beyond these. If you want to know more about LCD, please continue to pay attention to our website!
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