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What Type of LCD Panel is Best?
From a visual point of view, what are the types of LCD panels, and which is better?
From a visual point of view, what are the types of LCD panels and which is better? 

The visual angle means that the user can clearly observe the angle degree of all the content on the screen from different directions. Different types of LCD screens have different visual angles. 

From a visual point of view, LCD panels are mainly divided into two categories: TN and wide-angle panels. 


 1. TN panel                

TN panel is based on the relatively mature standard TFT-TN liquid crystal technology, which is widely used in entry-level and low-end liquid crystal displays. Because of its less output gray class and fast liquid crystal molecular deflection, its response time is easy to improve. At present, TN panels are used in liquid crystal products below 8ms in the market. Generally speaking, cheap price and fast response time are its biggest advantages, but the visual angle is only 140 degrees, and it is not as good as other high-end panels in terms of color restoration, because the color of the 16.7m TN panel has not changed substantially compared with 16.2m. 

 2. Wide-angle panel 

Wide-angle panels can also be subdivided into IPS panels, MVA panels and PVA panels, all of which are expensive, but with a color of 16.7m and a viewing angle of more than 170C. At present, only about 5% of the displays in the market use wide-angle panels, and most of the rest are cheap TN type LCD monitors.

Next time let's talk about what types of wide-angle LCD screens are available and which are better.
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