3 Steps Detection of Bright and Bad Spots of Outdoor High Brightness Screen

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What is the principle of outdoor high brightness screen? It is a combination of a large number of pixels, and it can display right and wrong, red and yellow. Three primary colors of blue. Then, some pixels with different colors seem to converge so that we can accurately see the image displayed on the outdoor high brightness lcd screen.

What is the bright spot? What is the general bad point?

1. Bright spot: the bright spot is a kind of bad spot, which means that only one or two of the three liquid crystal cell driver tubes corresponding to the pixel are faulty, then the pixel of one color in red, green and blue will appear in the black setting. Or the points that are supposed to be red, green and blue appear white, which can be distinguished as bright spots, but also a kind of bad spots.

2. General defect: pixels that look pure black or white in any color scene are bad points. This may be caused by the failure of the three liquid crystal unit drive tubes of the corresponding pixels.

Method of detecting highlights and general bad points of outdoor brightness lcd: bad spots do not manipulate colors and only display solid colors such as black and white, rather than showing images based on dim changes in manipulation.

How to detect the bright and bad spots of an outdoor high brightness screen:

1. If there is no computer connection, you can first make 5 kinds of solid color DVD or USB inside put 5 large solid color pictures, after DVD playback to test.

2. If the above method is not feasible, you can also connect directly to cable TV and use specific pictures in the TV program to detect it through the still image function of the TV.

3. Or connect the outdoor high brightness screen to the computer, and then display the monochrome settings of pure black, pure white or pure red, pure green and pure blue in full screen; carefully check whether the monochrome is black or white, showing luminous spots of different colors. If so, indicate that there is a problem with the highlighted LCD screen and should refuse to receive the goods.

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