5 Advantages Of Vehicle Advertising LCD Display Compared With Traditional Public Transport Media

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Update time : 2020-04-13 17:25:18
With the development of vehicle advertising industry, more and more advertisers choose vehicle advertising LCD display. What are the advantages of vehicle advertising LCD display compared with traditional public transport media?

1. Face to face with consumers directly. Most of the audience groups on the bus are shopping, visiting relatives and friends, dealing with official business, going to work, going to school, and traveling, covering all walks of life in various industries, with a considerable number, which is the main consumer group in the product market, with prominent target groups and strong advertising pertinence.

2. With various forms and different prices, you can choose flexibly. The main forms of vehicle advertising LCD display: video advertising, subtitle advertising, corner advertising, picture advertising and so on.

3. The lowest advertising input cost, fast dissemination time, and the effect of household name can be achieved in the shortest time. The advertising price of vehicle advertising LCD display is the lowest and has the greatest impact compared with other media.

4. in-car TV commercials, advertisements that you can't avoid. If passengers have an advertising machine to broadcast movie programs on it when they are on the bus, it can attract the attention of passengers and send customers away from the boredom of riding. Of course, the advertisements shown above are naturally paid attention to by customers.

5. Vehicle advertising LCD display broadcast with high frequency, repetitive memory and outstanding advertising effect. Video playback, high-quality stereo sound, entertainment programs and advertising content cross broadcast, 10-minute advertising, circular broadcast, sound and image, strong visual impact, passengers enjoy the program at the same time, easily accept advertisements and leave a deep impression. bring good publicity results for enterprises and products.
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