5 installation methods of industrial LCD display?

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Update time : 2019-05-31 11:05:17
With the large-scale production of LCD screen and the reduction of cost, the major electronics manufacturers all over the world have invested in it one after another, and some companies have also begun to launch their own models of industrial TFT-LCD modules. The industrial lcd display uses metal shell, touch screen, having the advantages of anti-seismic, anti-interference and so on, so it has been widely used. 

Depending on the way the customer is installed, Industrial lcd display is roughly divided into the following different categories of products: open industrial lcd display, rack industrial lcd display, wall-mounted industrial lcd display, embedded industrial lcd display and inverted industrial lcd display.


1. Open industrial lcd display. 

Industrial lcd display does not have any surface frame shell, it is only internal, most of the customer applications are mainly by the device size is small, there is not much space to install the display, such as commercial POS, ATM and so on. Typically, they are installed inside the customer's equipment. 

2. Rack industrial lcd display. 

Rack industrial LCD display is installed on top of the 19-inch cabinet, the width is 19 inches, the installed holes are opened according to the standard number of U. It is generally used in electric power, telecommunications and other large cabinets. 

3. Wall mounted industrial lcd display. 

The biggest feature of the wall-mounted industrial lcd display is that it can be hung up. It is not only hung on the wall, but also installed on the customer's equipment most of the time. It can adjust the angle according to the customer's requirements and cooperate with the appropriate installation arm. It is free to stay in any location for users to watch, usually used in large, small and medium-sized devices. 

4. Embedded industrial lcd display. 

As the name implies, embedded industrial lcd display is embedded in the customer's products. First of all, the customer's products need a large control cabinet. The embedded industrial display will only leave the panel, and the other parts will be pushed into the customer equipment. The back is fixed with a hook, and there is no need to open any installation holes in the other places. 

5. Inverted industrial lcd display. 

The inverted industrial lcd display is installed in reverse in the customer's equipment, which is installed inside the customer's machine. Different from the open one, that is, it has a shell and a power supply, and its edge coincides with the edge of the customer's casing. It is generally used in large and medium-sized equipment, such as machinery, electricity and other industries.

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